Oxidation & Fermentation Process
Jalinga Tea Estate
Factory Storage
Soak Test In Progress
Tea Garden
The Factory

Information of Jalinga Tea Estate:-

  • No of divisions: Three ( Jalinga, Kalacherra, Dwarbund)
  • Location of the garden: P.O Dwarbund, Dist- Cachar( Asaam)
  • Area of the garden: 1644.19 hectare ( Gross Area)
  • Area under tea: 656.96 hectare
  • Age of the garden- over 100 years

Panoramic View of Jalinga Tea Estate

Tea Production in the last 5 years

  • Tea production (kg)

Located in Cachar where low yeild, termite problem, sandy soil, average quality and low / no export potential are way of life, West Jaliga TE decided to move into organic farming under IRFT Technology not for high price realization but to adopt a system considered more scientific than conventional chemical farming method. 

Inhana’s assurance of NO CROP LOSS and NO INCREASE IN COST OF PRODUCTION during / after conversion were no doubt the stimulation behind adoption of organic farming under Inhana Rational Farming Technology.

Jalinga Tea Estate